Week 5 Progress for Deluge at NCE

This week has been a mix with many things going at once for me and overwhelming, not much progress in regard to the deluge code itself. Here’s a brief for this week,

So this week, I decided to pitch deluge in a weekly AMA for more feedback, practice and share all the progress which I have made on deluge. Weekly AMA was on Friday and It went well, also got some big critical feedback which i needed to understand (good thing i practised at AMA and didn’t made blunders in front of investor xD), So main feedback which i got for deluge was regarding my budgeting and ASK for Grant (which was i admit a bit too much) and that was not accurate as the I was mixing the costs of getting upto MVP and Later Stages of deluge. I got to know what to include for MVP, and on that basis I will revisit my budget to correct the course for the next pitch this week.

Also, I onboarded two members to help me with building deluge. I will get them up to speed this week with blockchain and near blockchain. Since they haven’t been much into blockchain space, they will have to work extra hard in order to get up to speed but yes they are willing to work for it and i am thankful for it also.
One of the major blockages for me this week was my time management as I was leaking much time out of the productivity hours, so I decided to make a weekly schedule in advance on Sundays so as to keep everything on track. Also with feedback from @erinkristina in discord I started researching on market strategy and risk management for deluge, and had a meeting with harshit@near to help me with understanding DAOs and how I can use them in deluge. So for start I concluded to not go with the DAO route and keep that as a future route.

For next week my main focuses would be to develop a business model canvas for deluge, get a domain name for deluge, and revamp my budget before the next pitch. On the development side, I will be experimenting with DKG (Distributed Key Generation), SSS(Shamir’s Secret Sharing) and PKI. Also will understand the smart contracts code and build upon it which we have created for Nearbay.



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Prince Anuragi

Prince Anuragi

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