Week 4 Progress at NCE

This week was a slow one with not much visible results. Brief is as follows:

I started my week with first integrating ordering calls to smart contracts with the UI of nearbay and worked on some bug fixes, one of which was caused by Next.js Specific thing which I found out. It’s that if you try to route to some page in same web app say from `/` to `/cart` then to do that if you use <a> tags it will essentially reloads the page and hence will wipe out the Cart Context in which cart items were added, and the funniest part was that if you try to do that in react application it works fine. So the solution was to use Next.js <Link> tags and that problem was solved. So, when this problem was solved , the Nearbay was at completion and closer to submission for the Encode Hackathon.

Next major task which I started last week was to build a website and this week that is also completed to Initial Level, Since the website will be an iterative process so will be keeping to update it as time progresses and more progress will be made to deluge. Then website is deployed at the moment at : https://deluge-website.vercel.app/

For Next week I will be actively looking for team members and will pitch my project in a weekly AMA at Near University, Taking help from near people on my pitch deck.



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