Review: Spatial Interface by John Palmer

  • We tend to associate these concepts with gaming and gaming is growing extremely fast, which I also agree with.
  • From a technical standpoint, we are at a turning point with the ease of 3D Programming, animation software, and browser’s ability to render 3D graphics. Tools like WebGL, ThreeJS, Unity, Unreal all are available and software designers should consider them seriously. And this is true also as personally I have tried Unity and It’s easier to get started in building 3D as well as make it ready for web with their WebGL Support.
  • Each single Pixel is a precise location on a webpage.
  • Place of a breadcrumb can be from “+” option
  • While navigating you can leave breadcrumbs on different pages.
  • When you are done you have a “trail of breadcrumbs”.
  • You can jump forward and backward on the trail later.




Defi | Blockchain | Distributed Computing

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Prince Anuragi

Prince Anuragi

Defi | Blockchain | Distributed Computing

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