NCE week 3 progress. Not much actually.

This week has been a real struggle for me, and the progress which i achieved is not much. Here’s a brief on my week and what happened.

This week my main aim was to connect the smart contracts with the frontend UI of the marketplace. Everything which I planned for the week fell short and put me in bad shape for the week. The biggest blockage for that to happen were my exams which were necessary to give for my graduation. Since due to my exams I wasn’t able to communicate with my teammate, which led to slow progress overall with the project itself. Since the hackathon deadline is coming close so many sleepless nights which ultimately lead to burnout. Took a day off on the weekend to recover so I’m feeling much better now as of writing this. Keeping up with the spirits and project progress.
Much of the progress was made last week in building views and not actual integration with the smart contract so I will be aiming to complete that for this coming week.
The biggest time killer for me was to debug the issue with localnet, as one of the functionalities which is related to the db of the localnet wasn’t working for my system that lead to many hours wasted on debugging that, since docker is not one of my expertise at the moment i left the localnet ecosystem for now and switched to devnet which work much better and behaves properly for the UI.

For next week my goals would be first to complete the hackathon project and give it a simple testing before submitting it. Then research further into which direction to go with the development of deluge in top of this marketplace project and develop further. And if time permits, research on how to integrate delivery systems to the smart contracts. For the delivery system currently thinking to develop with either Shamir’s Secret Sharing, or DKG (Distributed Key Generation), but not sure for now will look more into it for this week.



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Prince Anuragi

Prince Anuragi

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