Deluge — Week 8 Progress

This week was overwhelming with a lag in development process for deluge contracts, or maybe I have underestimated the development process efforts requirement. Well we all learn from our mistakes. Here’s a brief for the progress made this week.

Major task for this week was to get at least one supporting contract done for the deluge base contract. The main hurdle while development for smart contracts is to test them which i felt while writing them, but TDD(Test driven development) is a much better option to development and honestly I like this style of writing smart contract as it helps keeping code neat and tight and also bugs to minimal.

One extra thing which was required is to have a logo for deluge, for that I have hired someone from my college to work on it and hopefully will get that in the upcoming week. Also currently looking for someone to help with the UI for new Deluge Interfaces as UI Interfaces for Nearbay are good as a PoC but not as a product so looking into that also.

My biggest block for now is to build community as I am not able to dedicate my time for it due to my personal obligations and also hiring someone to do that will cost deluge, hence also need funding for that. For now keep pushing through till MVP and hoping to get a Grant Funding for the community building.

That’s all folks for this week, will keep you updated with progress on deluge.



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Prince Anuragi

Prince Anuragi

Defi | Blockchain | Distributed Computing