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Prince Anuragi
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


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Getting scammed online and being a subject of criticism and fun is no joke and no one wants to be in that place, and to solve this problem I started working on Deluge.
My 2nd Week was very great and I learned alot about how ecommerce and Logistics work in real life. To start work on deluge I teamed up with one of the members in NCE to work on a project in a hackathon , and we teamed once since we had similar ideas which involved a marketplace and we will build a simple marketplace together for that hackathon.
For the marketplace we decided to go with a simple only USDT currency as our transaction token. As having our token will add complexity to the project and hence making it almost impossible to complete for hackathon. And for the project we are currently facing a problem for how to accommodate storage requirements within the smart contracts when someone submits an order or in general a transaction to the marketplace whose data needs to be stored.
I am working mostly on the User Interface for the application and we decided to go with NextJS as our choice for building UI for marketplace. In UI for now we decided for following simple pages:

  • A Home Page Listing all Products which are listed.
  • A Simple Cart to which you can add and checkout simultaneously to place order for all of them.
  • A Product Creation Page from which one can submit a product which he will fulfil
  • A View Page to view all the products which one seller has listed or uploaded.

We are still pondering over whether to put the inventory mechanism to the smart contracts itself, or is it necessary for the MVP, But adding inventory will add a couple of edge cases as well as complexity in the smart contract itself which needs to be addressed before making any decision in that part.

I am having some issues with NextJS SSR for wallet login for which I am currently looking for a better solution and solve it before progressing to next week.

For deluge I am researching for ideas on landing pages, the main problem which I am facing currently is on how to represent the data and benefits of using deluge and how to best represent it.



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