Deluge Progress — Week 9

This week was one of those where you feel like stopping but the momentum keeps you pushing through. Deluge did suffer with performance issues on my side and I am hoping to keep working hard to recover from it. Here’s a brief of this week,

Most of the tasks done in this week are related to smart contracts and how they interact nicely with each other. The major issue which was resolved this week was to have a storage mechanism for stores who want to store products in the deluge contract and also, how stores can deposit in storage staking and withdraw storage staking once they delete their product from the store or the store. In the start it required a little bit of research on the implementation part but took some help with how it was implemented in Paras NFT Marketplace contract and took inspiration from there for the same. Also I learned this week extensively on how to make XCCs (Cross Contract Calls) and how to use lower level APIs of NEAR SDK. So essentially with lowel level APIs whenever you create a promise you get a promise index and in my use case I needed 2 calls to the `Rating` Contract and both needs to be done in contract. This was done using env::promise_and which creates a new promise and completes only when all the other promises passed are done.

Also this week, I settled on using for storing various JSON Objects on IPFS. The main rationale for using was that it provides a simple easy to use package in js which I can use later in the UI front.

And lastly in this week, I was in constant touch with the designer who is designing new UI fronts for Deluge which are coming nicely and hoping to get those done by next week.

As of now my biggest blockage is to understand the concepts and utility of NFTs which I can leverage in Deluge and How to Implement it with the Deluge Base Contract. Need to research more on this and actively learn more about NFTs and how they are different.

For next week my biggest focus is on completing the NFTs Integrations with Deluge base contract and also how to leverage the utility of NFTs in the context of deluge. Also need to get started with the UI Side of things so that users can actually use the smart contracts and list their products. That’s all for this week, hoping for good progress next week.



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Prince Anuragi

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