Deluge — Progress Week 6

This week has been a curve ball for me with a couple of events which made me relocate to a new place, so this in turn made me less progress from last week, here a brief summary of this week.

This week we revisited the budget asking for deluge, and made it precisely up to the MVP part so as the ASK is only now to build MVP and add a few customers to deluge ecosystem. And also revamped the pitch to be very precise and small and left many technical details from the pitch deck itself.
Also bought the domain name for deluge “” and along with domain name email addresses to help making social accounts, Setup the twitter account but will hire someone to manage social accounts but this can wait till MVP is built. For the website, created a newsletter form with sendgrid with intention of email and content marketing to people who will subscribe to the newsletter. Although this is WIP and content needs to be built also for the weekly newsletter. Created one discord server for deluge and will use discord as primary communication channel for developers and community feedback and for more exposure thinking to use twitter.

Created a Business Model Canvas for Deluge, It was a fun activity and helped others to understand about deluge much faster. Done a simple market evaluation for the deluge ecosystem and its competitors and how deluge can grow with competition.

Lastly, contact a few small businesses for their interests and one major feedback I got is the migration resistance and learning curve of blockchain itself. I will work on it to solve this issue and incentive to small businesses for transitioning deluge.

From technical side of things, there was one decision to be made on for what to use in MVP for delivery mechanism secrets, and for now we settled on a randomly generated keypair, will think in later stages after MVP to connect it to derivation paths of wallets but more research is needed to be done in that regard so, will keep it simple for MVP and only work with randomly generated keypairs.

Next week will be technical heavy as I will be working mostly on building smart contracts on top of nearbay’s PoC marketplace contracts.

That’s all folks for this week, will write more on next week’s end.



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