A week spent to start something which can lasts for decades…or more

Last week I have completed my orientation week at #Near Education NCE , And overall it was a great experience for me as It was my first time to actively participate in an orientation which is dead serious about building an Enterprise. Not talking about projects, as our facilitator mentioned that we don’t want projects which can live for about a year or two, we want enterprises to shape the future. So It was a Intense Orientation Session for 5 days straight, Here’s a Summary of all days:

Day 1: Get to know and the story start
Day one was great as it was the first time we all saw each other’s face, participants were from around the globe which was great to experience and know their side of stories. So the session started and after a little bit of chit chat our facilitator started giving briefs on how our orientation will go and in discord which channels do what. He was clear that if you miss even one of the assignments which are assigned daily, you are out of the course. We got a lot of it, which included completing exercises which were to reflect on our own morals and values.

Day 2: Done your assignments, If not then here’s more and complete it.

So, It was day 2, And the participants were down to 60% Only from who originally started it. Then it was a 5 minutes daily thoughts exercise where you share what is going on in your mind and share it with everyone. Once that’s done, briefing on some of the next exercises on how to complete them and then breakout sessions were created where we formed in smaller groups and there we had to complete the exercise in 15 mins, then share it with everyone within the time limit of breakout rooms. It was fast and highly productive and a great experience in knowing other people’s thought process and how they are approaching the problem to which they deeply care about.

Day 3: Okay so, more assignments and daily discussions and Evaluate yourself
It’s the third day, 48 hours in and there was tension and lack of sleep which was clear on everyone’s face. It was funny for a moment then the same exercise of thought sharing and then on to the self evaluation framework. Here we were using the VIRAL framework, which helped out evaluate on different parameters which were explained by our facilitator how to use it and be objective about it. Then it was breakout session time and loved today’s breakout session as i was able to connect with more people and listen to their ideas, some of them were very counter-intuitive but if you think deep about it, It all was making sense and what they are doing so it was great learning for me as our whole orientation was community driven, Then after breakout session , again instruction on next assignments and creating PITCH Deck for your enterprise (mine i called Deluge). And then i went to bed, too tired do keep my eyes open 😅😅.

Day 4: Special Guest, and Our Tech Support

Day four, and our facilitator started by introducing to our today’s guest for the session who is a great Educator and has helped many people to understand web3 and blockchains with simpler terms, in short he has mastered teaching i can say. So Everyone lined up their queries and he answered them all one by one. My question was related to oracle one as i was sadly tunnel visioned in the complexities of implementing things on the Deluge. He started answering me with history and gave me a lot of new perspectives on how I can approach it and alternatives. It was great for me, especially because I was stuck in that and my assignments were piling up. Well, I completed them all that day. It was a great relief. So after his appearance we again got explained what were our assignments for tomorrow and presentation we have to give tomorrow, and ofc there was do it or get out attitude.

Day 5: Pitch Deck Presentation, Q&As and much more.

It was last day of orientation and i have learned a lot from the day I started, It was a lot for me but i somehow pulled it off (Of Course with help of other in NCE), So today it was fast as we knew what to do (Give out pitch to our peers at NCE), Breakout rooms were made and we all started to give our presentation, Today we also have a new guest who is a DAO Expert and he was helping us to keep things under control. So, I gave a pitch for deluge and It was great. I can still feel the adrenaline while I am writing this which I was feeling while giving my pitch. Then after we moved into Q&A session for deluge and then Rating time, And it was all timed and under 10 minutes, 5 Minutes -> Pitch, 3 Minutes -> Q&A , 2 Minutes -> Rating based on VIRAL Framework. After my turn I was the timekeeper so that our group can succeed as fast and efficiently can, And It was amazing to hear other people talk about their ideas and how they are designing their Enterprises. Overall Best Day of orientation. After this we came back to the main meeting and everyone shared about their experience and emotions for the last 5 days. For me, it was simply a roller coaster of emotions from depths to new heights. They we got ending instructions and progression for Next month, how course will proceed and words of wisdom from our facilitator and good people in NCE course.

Overall one of the best weeks of my life and great community support from everyone in NCE. Started working on Deluge and working on to build my enterprise. Taking and giving help in NCE from other people and looking into other people’s enterprises gives me great insights and new ways to think about my process itself. I am keeping myself accountable for the next coming months and building Deluge which I started this week.

Kudos to everyone who made it through the orientation it was intense, Looking forward to future.👏👏👏



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