In recent years browsers have become very smart from old browsers such as Netscape, now you can do almost anything on the browser itself, starting from 3D designing to doing analytics tasks and also live trading. With technologies such as web3, webgl and wasm (Web Assembly) browsers are bound to…

This is a follow up essay part from John Palmer (Author) back from Spatial Interfaces which talks about the newest trends on natural interfaces which are more interacting and intuitive.

In this essay Author formalizes a new framework to design and work with Spatial Interface and software designs.

Author starts…

The Author envisions a more intuitive and simple design language for softwares and regular user interfaces. It is a great article about intuitiveness and what’s upcoming in UI/UX trends for making interactions with softwares more natural and simple.

Author starts the article with an open note on how a deck…

A masterpiece after Hooked.

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

“ There is one universally powerful truth at the root of achieving our biggest goals: living the life we want requires not only doing the right things, but also necessitates not doing the things that take us off-track.” ~Indistractable, Nir Eyal

So what’s your superpower? Starting…

Prince Anuragi

Defi | Blockchain | Distributed Computing

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